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Where people share and discover artistic talent and more

Where people share and discover artistic talent and more

My Daddy's Famous Cheesecakes was established over 12 years ago, by Chef MDM and was originally based out of Hempstead, N.Y. The name: "My Daddy's", was created by his son, who one evening came to his father, who was discussing different names and gave him the idea. After careful thinking and prayer, Chef MDM decided to listen to hisson and name the company: My Daddy's Famous Cheesecakes which became official in Dec. 2004.

After much success in N.Y. My Daddy's Famous Cheesecakes decided it was time ...

for a change of environment and relocated to Atlanta G.A. where they have been able to expand their clientele and bring the joy of gourmet cheesecakes to a diverse community.

My Daddy's Famous Cheesecakes is family-owned and operated in Atlanta, GA. Since our company opened in 2004, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products, but our products are the BEST, and come with a personal touch.

“Changing The World To Cheesecake Lovers One Slice At A Time”

Contact Informatiom: Chef M.D. Mayweather FACEBOOK

Simply put, Harold Little knows jazz. With an education at D.C.'s renowned Duke Ellington School of the Arts and additional study at the University of District of Columbia's Jazz Studies Program, Little honed his craft for the improvisational genre. Having played with jazz icons Buck Hill, Calvin Jones, Webster Young, Eddie Gladden and Butch Warren, as well as "The Godfather of Go-Go", Chuck Brown, among others, the trumpeter has the experience to go with the "chops". He's a familiar site at popular venues around the Nation's Capital including ...

Trumpeter with Smooth Soothing Sounds
For a complete bio, music samples videos, and to purchase CD & singles.

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Verizon Center, Takoma Station, Blues Alley, Half Note Lounge, BET, Republic Gardens, Zanzibar, H-R57, and Ft. Dupont Theatre. After the successful release of his first EP “Daddy’s Groove”, the artist is now spreading his wings with the release of his new project single entitled “Impressions”.


Peter Terrin was born in Roeselare Belgium on March 13, 1974. He discovered his passion for drawing at an early age when his father, a history and language teacher, began incorporating his illustrations of ancient figures into classroom lesson. ...

Explosive & Colorful Artistry


After graduating from Providenciaal Technisch Instituut Kortrijk as a Textile Designer, Peter embarked on a journey of self discovery. He has travelled extensively for the past fourteen years, living and working in Ibiza, Austria, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. His most cherished possessions are the memories

Republic and Mexico. His most cherished possessions are the memories he collected along the way – a secluded cliff in Ibiza, his wooden hut on the beach in the Dominican Republic, fishing in the Orinoco River and speaking with children in Los Roques, Venezuela.

As Peter Terrin fondly says, “Travelling all these years has left me with very little possessions but with lots of rich stories. I have met amazing people and learned many languages. It has become the fabric of who I am”.

Peter Terrin lives in Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico, where his studio and Gallery is open to the public. In this tranquil environment, over looking the dolphins, he is able to share his unique view of the world through paint, canvas and pallet knives.

Facebook:  Instagram: Terrinart_prints.....Twitter: Terrinart_liz

Growing up in Brooklyn, paint and brushes in my grandfather’s store and The Dutch Boy (as in Dutch Boy paints) were my favorite toys: 

illustrations in the Saturday Evening Post and The Ladies’ Home Journal were my museum. By the time I actually set foot into the Brooklyn Museum, it was to discover the many ways a 2B pencil could translate line into form. The Big Ideas of mid 20th century art were distilled for me in Hunter College where Robert Motherwell opened doors to art and history that still resonate. A graduate degree in Fine Art from Hunter College and a lifetime of travel exploring creative expression in nearly every continent informs the lexicon of my work. My technique derives from the experience of working in various media including and photography, papermaking, and collage. I am interested in relationships between people and objects and how that relationship can shape a visual narrative.

Using the bed is a kind of shorthand for calling up associations that speak of intimacy solitude and relationships the shapes are meant to be sensuous, voluptuous. Perhaps the unmade bed captures the shadows left by dreams The subject is both metaphysical, bringing up associations with dreams and the life we live when asleep, and anthropological; traces of that life we lived in our sleep which are left behind in the morning on the unmade bed.

In my paintings as well as work in other media, patterns and contrast have always played an important role. My art explores the intersection between abstraction and figuration. There is movement and flow in my work, which has been compared to paintings that characterized the Futurist Art movement.


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