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Where people share and discover artistic talent and more

Where people share and discover artistic talent and more

“Walking the path of most resistance” is the mantra, self taught, dedicated and brilliant photographer, Carey Bradshaw, applies to his artistic creations. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and infusing it with digital photo manipulation.

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Carey’s initial exposure to art came by way of “who could draw better” competitions that were waged in the back of his 6th grade classroom....

Most of these mortal-combat styled battles resulted in either a loss or several hours in detention, but these adversities fueled his desire to become a better artist. At the age of 15, Carey’s mother decided to migrate to New York so that she could provide a better life for him. Rather than spending his teenage years running the streets of New York, he immersed himself in his brand new Commodore Amiga

500 computer, learning everything from basic programming to deluxe paint (an early competitor to Photoshop).

As Carey matured, art took a backseat to REAL LIFE for several years. It wasn’t until July of 2008 that he borrowed a friend’s DSLR camera to go on vacation and instantly fell in love. Carey came back from that vacation with a new direction and focus. He purchased his first camera shortly after and spent countless hours reading and learning about the art of photography. ...

Armed with both his photography experience and his graphic design knowledge, he has been busy creating stunning masterpieces for Kat Deluna and Dance Theater of Harlem. In addition, he has collaborated with artistes such as John Singleton, Laz Alonzo and Anthony Mackie to name a few, in retouching images to the client’s perfection. His other accomplishments include his on-going YouTube video series – ‘I Shoot People’ that explores captivating storylines through photography. ...

For more information on how to work with this talented photographer, you can connect with him via:



Madison Jaye the niece of Hip Hop Icon "Rah Diggah" is Currently the assistant to Lenny Green at 107.5.FM WBLS " The Quiet Storm" and Founder, CEO, Founder, Executive Producer, Editor, PR and ON-AIR personality of Internet radio show "G.E.M Bosses". With an A.A degree in communications Madison believes a women should be able to wear many hats in the industry, thus introducing the concept of G.E.M Bosses. .

The birth of Madison Jaye’s hosting career can into...

existent at the 230 Roof top where she hosted “The National Reality TV Awards Nomination”NewYorkMonthlyLaunchParty. Madison’s career then carried on through as she hosted events such as “Scratching Brutality; Black Tie Event. ”, red carpet correspondent for Blackman Magazine 18th Anniversary Party and Open Closet Magazine’s. Emerging artist united”, “Date for a Cause” by Black Stiletto Public Relations and recently a Presenter at Fashboc Unlabeled awards . Madison Jaye also dabbles into PR doing events such as The launch party , Ice-T private birthday party and the semi annual “Adopt a Cause Brunch”. Madison Jaye has worked with and for industry artist and professionals such as Ice-t , Rah Diigah , The wires Michael K Williams, Hot 97’s Dj Bobby Trends, Hot 97’s “Heavy Hitter Global Vito, Cherri Pepsi Rally and many more!

G.E.M Bosses is an online based radio show hosted by three successful, independent, and talented women in the entertainment industry, Madison Jaye, Mss Georgia Peach and Sasha. This dynamic trio has trained with the best in the industry, including Lenny Green of 107.5 WBLS and “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show,” The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. Since our major launch in January of 2013, G.E.M Bosses

G.E.M Bosses has taken over the air waves, expanding our audience viewership from 3,000 viewers to an impressive 577,000 active viewers, earning our title as the #1 hit show on G.E.M Bosses, which airs every Sunday from 6-8p.m., is most recognized for our creative topics, candid personalities and widespread celebrity interviews.

Over the course of only three months, G.E.M Bosses has interviewed a variety of well-known names such as Young Money Cash Money recording artist Shanell, NBA player Eric Williams, Love &Karen of Vh1’s Mob wives Vh1’s ,Love & Hip Hop’s Mama Jones and Arianne Davis, designer to Rihanna Marco Hall, Tashera Simons ex-wife of hip hop idol DMX, Love & Hip Hop stars Mama Jones & Arianne Davis, Jerseylious’ Briella Calafiore, CEO of My Lifestyle Magazine Elizabeth Ortiz, Bab Girl Club !

Household Stress, LLC is the brainchild of Tony Hawkins.  Established in January 2009, the concept was to give men a forum to express themselves to improve communication in the household.  We believe that communication and healthy dialogue is the key to a happy home and Household Stress was designed to improve communication between the husband and wife.

We believe that the man should be the leader and head of his household, as stated in the Bible.  Our primary goal is to help men become stronger husbands, and stronger fathers, to ultimately have stronger families.  The focus is to improve the lines of communication between men and women, whether married, divorced, or single.  This weekly forum for married men has evolved.  What started as a conference call is now the bona fide ‘Married Men Don’t Talk Show’, broadcasting live weekly on Tuesday nights. ...

One thing that we’ve found to be certain with married men is that we generally only talk about certain issues outside the home:  sports, yard work,  sales at Home Depot, vacations with the family, worthless family members, children, co-workers, and the occasional details about the extramarital affair.  We’re taught at a young age to ‘man up’, hide your emotions, and never wear them on your sleeve.  Anything else would be considered weakness, so the consequences of your friends knowing that there’s a problem in your marriage could be detrimental.  So what do we do?

Usually married men don’t discuss marital issues.  Most of us just keep it to ourselves and try to deal with it alone.  That really doesn’t work because resentment starts to build towards the wife, which could potentially lead to infidelity, abandonment, or even divorce.

Most of the men on our show have no real training on how to be a husband or how to be a father. The only examples were set by our fathers, uncles,

fathers, uncles, or other male role models in our communities, who themselves were not always the ideal role model.  We’ve had well over 1,000 married men on our show over the years who have shared personal experiences with issues that they’ve had or are still dealing with.  We don’t want any professionals in the field of marriage on our show because it will compromise the comfort level of speaking freely and they might monopolize too much of the show.  We have everyday men on our show every week who are married, divorced, widowed, newlywed, engaged, and even single.

There are 3 hosts: Tony Hawkins, Rodney Turner, and Patrice Echard.  The hosts rotate weeks and the responsibility is to pick a topic for discussion, do the research on that topic, and moderate the show.  The Household Stress team has been featured on The Audrey Chapman radio show on 96.3 FM and the “He Said, She Said” radio show on SiriusXM Channel 141, both in Washington, DC.

Ray Boone an Independent Writer for Film & Television was born in West Islip New York then raised in the small town of Mamaroneck just 30 minutes outside of NYC where he attended the School of Visual Arts to study the craft of screenwriting. Working as an Armed Security Officer in some of the most dangerous areas of the city he impressed his instructors who are film industry veterans with his real life on the job encounters, and writing ability.

After developing a concept for a series based on the FBI which received high marks and is still in the works, he wrote a spec script for his all time favorite show HBO’s Entourage. Once his teachers reviewed the material they encouraged him to pursue writing as a career. Through the kindness of a close friend the script actually reached the Executives of the show. They made a quote to purchase it but however the decision to do so was later reversed. Discouraged but not giving up Ray thought of another idea to create a web series that will represent the law enforcement community as a whole. ...

‘Walking Maris’ Way’ is about a fictional character NYPD Detective Maris Ortiz who decides to take on the role of a hero in her own right. The online preview received praise from many in and outside of the industry. He then was hired to write a feature length film which has now started the pre production phase.

Living in the Los Angeles area Ray is able to concentrate on writing new material for several well known Producers from both the East and West Coast.

You can contact Ray Boone on FACEBOOK

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